ExpenseShare Available in the App Store

rounded_AppIcon120x120As of March 2, ExpenseShare is available in the Apple App Store! ExpenseShare is an iPhone / iPad app for tracking spending that will be shared within a group of participating parties.  It has a flexible system for defining a default arrangement for how expenses are shared, but allows for customization of this on a transaction-by transaction basis. It also keeps track of who owes money, and who is owed money.  It supports a number of useful features, including multi-currency, filling in details based on geo-location, and attaching images to transactions.  It is easy to use, and entering a transaction can be as little as entering an amount and payee.   ExpenseShare is designed for use by a single record-keeper within the group, which allows data to be kept within the iOS device.

For more information, g0 to the ExpenseShare page.