Now you can track your group spending Рwho paid for what, who shares in which expenses, and who owes money to who!

ExpenseShare captures spending with categories, currency, receipt images, and more:

  • Allocate spending automatically to group members or customize.
  • For international travel, track spending across multiple currencies and convert to a common settlement currency.
  • Capture transaction location and lookup payee name/address.
  • Store “snap and save” photos of receipts to document expenses.
  • Generate pdf reports for each participant and print or send by email.
  • Export to Excel or Numbers

New in Version 1.3:

Release 1.3 offers major enhancements to make it easier to track spending and report out to your group:

  • UI enhancements, including new color scheme and new treatment of participant photos
  • User-defined categories
  • Tip calculator
  • View transaction on map
  • Add location and address to transactions by searching or direct map location
  • Add notes to transactions
  • New Activity Details report gives a summary of totals by participant and category, in addition to transaction details
  • Export to a spreadsheet (.csv format)
  • Help overlays

New in Version 1.2:

  • Supports additional currencies (32 total)
  • Simplified navigation.
  • Swipe to move between transactions.
  • Attach photos to Activities and Participants.
  • Add Participants from your Address Book.
  • Add an optional email address to Participants.
  • Add an optional start date and end date to your Activities.
  • See a graphical snapshot of your activity at any time.
  • Email a summary of transactions tailored for a specific Participant.
  • Easily find out who owes who, using the new Settle Up feature.

Available for iPhone and iPad.